Info for Media

Important Information & Contacts

We’re here to help connect print, broadcast, and online media to a wealth of information and expertise at the University of Mary—for stories covering everything from higher education issues and trends to institutional news and campus features. 

Additionally, the University of Mary produces various news items for internal and external audiences. 

Media Inquiries

Media seeking interviews or commentary from the University of Mary’s experts should contact:

Tom Ackerman
Media Relations Specialist

Media Assets

Requests for archived photography, professional headshots, and video assets may be submitted to Tom Ackerman.

Media on Campus

As a private institution, the University of Mary requires that all news and sports media contact the Office of Public Affairs before coming to campus for a story. This is primarily to respect the privacy of students, faculty, and staff.

As part of their responsibilities, the university's campus security officers look for people or vehicles that are not authorized to be on campus. When journalists are expected, we will alert campus security, provide for parking, and make all other arrangements to accommodate media needs as much as possible.

Access is limited in some areas of campus. Except in rare circumstances, university residence halls are not available to the media.

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