Student in Academic Advising with an Advisor

We’re Committed to Supporting Students With Disabilities

Consistent with our mission and rooted in our core Benedictine values, the University of Mary believes that ensuring students with disabilities access to the full range of campus life is a community-wide responsibility. 

Student Accessibility Services include:

  • Providing individual consultations and making referrals when appropriate.
  • Determining eligibility for reasonable accommodations.
  • Consulting with students, faculty, and staff to coordinate appropriate accommodations.
  • Promoting an accessible and inclusive campus environment.
  • Elevating self-advocacy within students with disabilities, disability awareness, and universal design principles.
Student filling plate at campus restaurant

Dining Accommodations

The Crow’s Nest Campus Restaurant Allergies Avast station offers special dietary options to all students, and our resident dietitian can help students develop a meal plan to meet their needs.

Have Questions?

We’re here to help. Call the Student Accessibility Services office at 701-355-8264 or email us.

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